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Evaluation Kit, i.MX50 ARM Cortex-A8 Processor, Electronic Paper Display

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The MX50EBOOKDC1 is a i.MX50 evaluation kit, offers developers a price effective platform for developing products with the i.MX50 family of applications processors based on the ARM Cortex-A8 core. The evaluation kit is a small, single board design which includes a complementary power management IC (PMIC), the MC34708 and support for multiple display options. Users can output directly to a monitor via HDMI or use the optional LCD or electronic paper display (EPD) add on boards. The i.MX50 evaluation kit is also supported with a comprehensive software package, including board support packages (BSPs) for both Linux and Android operating systems. Supporting the major features of the chip and the development board, the BSP simplifies product development and improves customer time to market.

  • NXP i.MX50 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor
  • 512MB LPDDR2 memory
  • Footprint for managed NAND (eMMC eSD)
  • Two secure digital (SD)
  • multimedia card (MMC) sockets
  • Parallel WVGA LCD add on card via expansion connector
  • EPD add on card via expansion connector
  • HDMI digital video output connector
  • NXP SGTL5000 audio codec
  • Micro USB OTG connector
  • Ethernet (10 100T) connector

  • Sovellukset

  • System Monitoring, Portable Devices, Building Automation, Medical, Imaging, Video & Vision
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    Silicon Manufacturer: NXP
    Core Architecture: ARM
    Core Sub-Architecture: Cortex-A8
    Silicon Core Number: i.MX5
    Silicon Family Name: i.MX50
    For Use With: Evaluation Kit i.MX50
    Kit Contents: Electronic Paper Display(EPD) Board




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    Mitat 32 × 23 × 6 cm


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